Saturday, March 20, 2010

There is a table cloth in here somewhere

Only, I can't find it.

Back nearly 13 years ago, my Grandmother, who swore by table cloths, helped me sew one. Black and purple for a Hallowe'en dinner.
Now, I can't find what I did with it. It's one of the last projects Grandma did before her death.

I made Chick Pea Curry last night for dinner, and it turned out okay for a first try.
Heated up what was left for dinner, and made a Vegan Chocolate Cake and Vegan Frosting. Again, not bad for a first try. But not great.

But what I am wanting to know is, aprons, table cloths and toaster covers etc.
Yay or Nay?


  1. Chick pea curry sounds awesome right now. It's unseasonable cold right now. Mm, and some cake... you are almost evil! I'm so hungry ;-(

  2. I am going to try the Chick Pea Curry again this week. I'll post the recipe and hopefully a photo when I do.
    The Vegan cake was so heavy. I'm not really sure where I messed up on that one.