Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brutal Erotic

Not what you are thinking.

I'm reading Cleaving a Story of Marriage Meat and Obsession by Julie Powell, and it's well, not what I was expecting.

I knew as a vegetarian, I would find it a hard read as it is about her time as a butcher's assistant. I was prepared for that, for the blood and guts of it.
I wasn't prepared for how she makes it sound more poetic and sensual then just tearing steaks from the bone.

I'm only three chapters into it at this point, but it's one I am having to say will make you think about your place in life. I'll have a review in a few days when I'm done reading it.


  1. Very interested to hear your final thoughts about the book. I've read Jules and Julia and have considered reading this one too.

  2. I love that kind of surprises. That is exactly how I felt about reading Christ in Concrete.

  3. Magaly... I have never heard of that book. I'll have to check into it

    Carissa... I'm reading it as fast as I can. Juggling it with Jane Austen's Emma.

  4. This book is very different. A love for cuts of meat may be useful in keeping connected to the story line. I find her obsession with a lover called :D annoying. This book is more about her loves. She make meat a love. Wine is drunk by the bottles in single sittings. Her fascination with Buffy and vampires continues and makes me wonder if this is what led her to write a recipe for blood sausage? She had some unusual recipes sprinkled here and there.

  5. As a Buffy fan and a vampire fan in general, I'm loving the Buffiness she's got sprinkled so far through this book.
    I am actually connecting on so many levels with what she went through. I'm on about chapter 8 right now, and all I have to say is she's a brave woman for writing this novel. Brave woman