Friday, December 17, 2010

Food Inc -dvd

This is a documentary that sort of opens up a few facts that have been hidden from the general public.  And that is how much of the food we eat is
  1. Controlled by the same four companies
  2. The way the animals are raised and slaughtered
  3. The main ingredient in 90% of what we buy food and otherwise
Did you know that the same item that is used to make diapers is what is found in pop, syrup, and also fed to the livestock?   I had no idea till I saw the film.  And it's simply corn.  Corn.  I knew that corn was used as the main thing to feed animals, but was clueless that it's byproducts were used so widely.

The tagline for this documentary is "You'll never look at dinner the same way again"   And it's very true.  I've been a vegetarian now coming up 10 years, and seeing this film has made me even scared to eat anything. 

The main subplot of this is that we need to get more involved with what it is we are eating.  The school system needs to really start to rethink what they allow in grade schools for meals. And of course, we all need to support the organic food suppliers but buying at local farmers markets and growing our own gardens when/where we can.

This is not for the faint of heart, as they actually show footage of chickens and pigs being slaughtered.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soul Kitchen - DVD review

Plot: Zinos owns a small diner that serves nothing but deep fried frozen foods.  A real estate agent wants the land for development, his staff haven't been paid in a while, and the tax man is after him. Meanwhile, his brother who is a con-man with a gambling debt comes to work for him, just as Zino's girlfriend dumps him.  Can he survive the next two months or will he loose everything and everyone he's worked the last few years to call his own?

This is a brilliant German film. (I had a subtitled version.)  It's a comedy and a drama all rolled into one and somehow manages to hit the right notes at the right time while still keeping it's balance.

There isn't alot of food in this foodie movie, but it does center around the diner itself.  Udo Kier has a small two minute cameo in this film, (who is usually known as a horror film icon) that adds a touch of solidness to what at times is just a light hearted display of fun. 

There is a scene where the chef makes a love potion and serves it to a packed house while a rock band is playing, giving everything to the Dionysian vibe.  And having the lead actor look like a sloppy Jim Morrison really adds a punch to the movie's title of the borrowed song Soul Kitchen. You're constantly reminded that food and music go hand in hand as both feed the senses and the ... well soul.

Again, I have to say there is a sense of balance in this film which plays up the opposites between Zinos and his brother Illias. Zinos for all his failures at the beginning is the responsible one (ironically the comedy element) where as his brother is the screw-up (ironically the dramatic element) who thinks he's got everything under control when he really does not.
We see an evolution with a few of the main characters, Zinos obviously being the one with the largest arch. The montage of his cooking skills comes right back to a basic thought, follow your heart, dedicate yourself to your passions, and of course anyone can cook. 

I would have liked to have seen a few more food scenes, but all in all, this is one to rent on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ratatouille- Movie

 I put a link out on my Twitter (coffinscookies)  the other week to my last post about foodie movies, and ironically Chef Michael Smith (Chef at Large, Chef at Home)  put up a Twitter saying Ratatouille was one of the best foodie movies he'd ever seen. I became obsessed for the last week trying to get my hands on a copy.  I admit, I had originally  stayed away from it because it was a "kid's movie", but beyond glad that I took his advice and found a copy at the rental place. 

The message is simple, anyone can cook.  Which is true, just look at me.  With it being a Disney film, I was thinking for sure I would cry, but I found myself laughing the whole time and craving vegetarian stew. 

Food in movies, seems to flow with the theme of self discovery, and this is no different. The subplot deals with a guy who just learns who he really is and what is expected of him, giving him for the first time not just a passion for something but an identity.  (which was the main theme in Julie/Julia, Ramen Girl
 This is one that I am going to have to add to my movie collection.

Tuesday Morning Thinking of Food

 This was originally posted on my main blog on Nov 16th 2010   So don't worry, I haven't lost my mind completely yet and mixed up my days of the week. Yet.  but I did realize I had forgotten to add it here to my list I've been trying to create of foodie movies/food in the movies posts.

Taking a short break this morning from the book reviews cause I'm getting a headache, and have Julie/Julia in the dvd player.  It's got me thinking, about a few foodie movies that are on my can't wait list.

One is Soul Kitchen  which I believe gets a Canadian dvd release next month.  It's a subtitled film about a guy who's cafe is going downhill till he hires a prize winning chef.   I saw a trailer for it months ago and have been waiting as impatiently as I can for it to be released here.

Today's Special  was just released in the cinema this week.  Of course, it's not scheduled for my city cause Thunder Bay sucks.  But it's on my can't wait list.  When I first saw the poster for this one few months ago, I wasn't too sure about it, as it's about an East Indian chef, and after having been greatly disappointed by another East Indian foodie film Cooking with Stella; well the trailer for Today's Special changed my mind.  It's suppose to be about a sous chef who has to return to his family diner and take over the business.

The last foodie movie on my can't wait list is a documentary called Kings of Pastry  which also was just released in Canada about a month ago, which once again did not come here and I have to wait for the dvd.  My city sucks I know.  But it's a documentary on the pastry masters competition.

They all look yummy and I can't wait....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Morning and ....

 Yeah I have no idea what I was thinking.  I went grocery shopping yesterday with mom, Ninja and Uncle and that should say everything right there.  Ended up in the cereal row, which by the by is a rare thing for me. Specially since they stopped selling Count Chocula here.  Anyways, I wanted something sweet and it would have made too much sense to go to the bakery or to the cookie row.  I start looking for  Fruity-O's (generic Fruit Loops)  and I can not find them anywhere. I am about to give up when, no word of a lie, this old guy smacks his cart into the bagged cereal.  This fell to the floor. 

I started laughing.  Dude, you know I did.  Poor old guy standing there looking at me cause I'm laughing like a lunatic.  So I bought it.  Look at the size of this thing, it's sitting on my computer chair.  The cereal takes up a chair!  Good god man that will take me all winter to get through. 
Suppose I could always invite a certain wrestler over .... sorry I had to it was a ready made joke man.