Monday, March 15, 2010

Julie/Julia -Review (book)

Here is what I wrote on this book back on Aug 4th 2009 on my book blog

I picked this up Sunday night, and did not stop reading until just after 1 am this morning.

This is a semi-autobiography about a woman going through a life crisis. She's been told she may never have kids, she is unsatisfied in her job, and she just moved. She is coming unglued and finds the only thing that is keeping her together is cooking.

Julie Powell became an internet hit when it was still a new idea to blog. It ended up changing her life. What she blogged about was the year long challenge she set for herself to cook all the recipes in the first volume of Julia Childs most impressive book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. This earned Powell her first book deal and a new chance to find herself.

Her second book is due this winter and I am looking forward to seeing what she has to offer this time around.

I still love this book. There is something inspirational in her story. Something raw. I have read pieces of her blog since, and can see why she had the following of blog readers (bleeders as she calls them in her book) she does not sugarcoat anything when she writes. I admire that.
Julie Powell is the Queen Bean of food blogs, hands down. There would not be a large a following of food blogs if it was not for her.

Not going to lie, it was that book that sprang me into this blog. Like so many others who read it. Mind you, I was already blogging on other topics before reading it, but this was what made me say "hey I cook too".

When you can connect to a story, either fiction or non-fiction, is when you know you hold something on the cusp of greatness. I have been known to ask "why food?" why do we as a society do so much around food? This book can answer that.
Witty, touching, brilliant.

She started the movement of foodie bloggers and I for one am glad.

I still have to get her second book Cleaving Marriage Meat Obsession.

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