Saturday, March 6, 2010

365 Ways To Cook Hamburger

I will not lie to you, for about 12 years this was one of my main cook books.
I was going through a stack of stuff to be packed into storage, and came across this book. Little dusty, little worn but still useful.
So, let's see how many recipes I can successfully take and turn into vegetarian versions?
I know the meat replacement (soy product Ground Round) is usable for so many dishes, but there are some it just does not work in.
There are about 30 meatloaf recipes in this book alone. I am sure there is a few that will work with the soy product replacement.

Okay, so keep coming back to the blog, I will have be getting started on things soon.

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  1. A very interesting challenge! I am not a vegetarian, although I sometimes aspire to be one. ;-) But, I have bought the Morning Star Soy Crumbles. I like to use them on pizza. Very interested to see what you come up with.