Friday, March 25, 2011

What I think I learned from....

reading  The Man Who Ate The World  by Jay Rayner.

I mentioned on my main blog few days ago, that I was taking a few sick days off {I still have not shaken this horrible cold I've had for over a week} of my normal book reviews, to read something for me. I chose to read a book that I bought awhile ago that has been sitting on my coffee table taunting me { and I quote- "like an X-Division tag team" } 
All I can say is I picked the right book for a little guilty pleasure.

There are moments when you are faced with addiction head on.  As in his addiction to food, and even your own.  Or in my case the addiction to other people's addictions.
I have to say my favourite part was when he described his lust for food blogs on the same level as porn.  It was both funny and way too true for many of us.

Ironically, the whole time I was reading this, I kept thinking not just of my own food vices, but of my other main vices = books and wrestling.
There is an underling quality, which he expresses in the last two chapters, about no longer being sure he is doing what he's meant to be doing on this planet. And it just brought me back to the odd journey I myself am going on {internally speaking as I haven't been on holiday in a few years} of total uncertainty about ... well everything. 

In the end, it seems Rayner found his answer.  Even when you turn your lustful hobby into a passionate career, you can suffer burn out.  It's only when you admit even on the worst days you still are willing to do it because it's such a natural part of you, that you're truly on the right track.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason when it happens to whom it happens to. And that books and other such media find you when you are ready to listen.  

I haven't the scope to compliment the actual food descriptions he has written about, only to say that this book is for reading with lunch.