Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confessions of a former HamburgerJunkie

This is a title I have used in the past for other blogs.  One was a spiritual blog, the one before that actually was a news/fashion blog. 
Nether blog did very well.   But it's a title I hold true to my heart.

Being a vegetarian makes it difficult at times to get enough protein.  Which is why the soya replacement products are a good idea. 
The real down side to the soya replacement products (veggie dogs, veggie burgers etc)  is the weight and the cost. 
Our local grocery just had a massive two for one sale on a major line of the veggie soya replacement products.  And I bought alot of them.  Most of which is still sitting in my mother's deep freeze because I don't have room for them in my own apartment's tiny fridge.  The rest, I've been eating nearly non stop for the last two weeks.

I've gained more weight then I was planning on.  Other health issues keep me from being able to work out properly. (car crash + collapsed lung = breathing issues) 

I'm thinking I need to do a bit of an overhaul with my cooking.
Trust me this is not a surprise.  Nor will this become any kind of "diet" blog, as I just do not believe in diets. 
I do believe in changing attitudes and how you look at things. 

When I started this blog few years ago, my original plan was to take traditional Newfoundland foods and make then in a vegetarian way.  Cutting out the fish/meat etc.  The results as you've seen have been more failures then successes.  Newfoundland cooking is just not vegetarian/vegan friendly.  Which I learned the hard way.
I also thought it would bring me closer to my family, but it's proven to push even farther away. 

I'm still trying to find that perfect cookbook. One that will spark something in me the way Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking vol 1   did for Julie Powell. 

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