Friday, October 16, 2009

Vampire Themed Dinner

What have I gotten myself into?
I am doing an All Vamp Challenge and one of my challenges is to make a vampire themed dinner for a dinner party.

What am I going to do for that? I have been to the Martha Stewart website trying to find some of her easier themed items but am still coming up at a loss.

I ended up sick over Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October) so there was no cooking of any kind for me.
And with the book tour for Stacey Voss, and my own book deadline I have been eating on the run; in other words alot of Starbucks coffee and Egg Salad sandwiches.

Once the book tour is over which is end of Nov, and the deadline for my novel which is Dec 5th 2009, I will be back full force on here.

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