Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Life in France- by Julia Child

I bought this book last November. Every time I picked it up to read it, I was overloaded with books for review (I have a whopping 8 to still review before the first of December!)  I finally decided to just add it to my book club list and spent the last week reading it (when I should have been reading books for review)

My book club will be meeting on the weekend, but I thought I would talk about it a bit here now. While it's fresh in my mind.

I understand why they decided to make this into a movie, her life was just amazing in every turn.  Though I did think she spent too much time on the first half of things and not enough on the later half of her cooking life, (but it was about her start in cooking so it makes perfect sense)

From her friendship/partnership with Simone Beck, to her partnership with her husband, their research and dedication to creating the perfect cookbook took them close to 12 years. The ups and downs of such a project would be more then I think I could handle. 

Almost every page is a listed with menu items that she adored. I can not tell you how many times in the last week that I got it into my head I wanted something from the pages (to the point I invaded my mom's kitchen two days ago and made a creamed potato soup from scratch)
Those of us who do not speak french it did get bogged down at times when she would list off recipes without a translation.  I can also see why with her energetic flavour for things when she describes the recipes; she inspired so many to become cooks.  I found myself scrambling online for episodes of her show to see a few of the recipes first hand.

I, as you can see from the photo,  have the movie tie in version, that does not have the photos and extra indexes that the original printing is suppose to contain. 

I am now on the hunt for a copies of her cookbooks. 

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