Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooking with Stella -review

Cooking with Stella

I was thinking,  Don McKellar and food how can you go wrong.  There was even a small nod in once scene to his character of Curtis from Twitch City by having him flipping channels watching tv on the sofa,  so I thought I was in movie heaven. 

But I was wrong.

This film starts off strong, setting up what looks like a journey of food and self  but once you hit the second act it becomes weighed down with a teenaged love story between the nanny and the cook's god-son.   Then act three turns political. 

Plot: Micheal and his wife are moved to India as diplomats, while his wife works he stays home with the baby.  Being a chef in Canada gave him a purpose, now he's not even having fun in his own kitchen until the house cook starts giving him lessons in Indian cooking.  Soon things start to disappear from their rooms, as a new nanny is hired and Stella's family members start showing up.   Before long, Stella is missing too. 

I thought act one was brilliant but quickly lost interest as the movie turned directions.  This one hit a sour note with me.

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  1. I was wondering about this movie too when it first came out, but now I know that it is not a bad thing to watch it on DVD instead! Thanks for the review!