Monday, September 14, 2009

Sweet Bread vs Sweet Breads

I thought I better give a brief definition for anyone who has not cooked with Newfoundland hardbread/sweetbread.

Sweetbread : The thymus or pancreas from lamb or calf. The thymus is the throat sweetbread while the pancreas is the stomach or heart sweetbread. Mostly used for pates. May also be called Sweetbreads, with an "s".

Newfoundland Sweet Bread: Also called Sweet Tack. It looks just like the Newfoundland Hard Bread (Hard Tack) which is a no yeast bread designed to be used by sailors who were at sea for months at a time. Sweet Bread is not as hard and as it's name suggests, sweeter. It's used more often as a snack.

Both hardbread and sweetbread are sold in the same style bags.

Photos by Kimberly Hulst copyright hcvp'09

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